The Willow Valley Trophy Club

would like to invite you to their

66th Annual Awards Day 

Celebrating the Year of the Predator

January 10th, 2015

Pincher Creek Community Hall

287 Canyon Drive - Pincher Creek, AB

Doors Open  at 8:00 am      Show begins at 1:30 pm

Guest Speaker: Bob Jamieson, Wildlife Biologist

"Predators and Elk in the Rockies: The Rest of the Story"

Admission $5.00     Youth (12-17) $3.00    11 & Under FREE

Hunters bring in your bear & other predator mounts for display!


Doors open Friday night from 6:00 - 9:00 pm for set up and scoring

Doors open Saturday, January 10th, 2015 at 8:00 am

Coffee & Lunch available

It is expected that all entries are clean and free of offensive odors or they will NOT be measured.

No duct tape on skulls please. Thank you for your cooperation.

It would be appreciated if all entries could be left on display until after completion of the program for people to view. 


Hunters wishing to enter their heads for current competition 2014 season and having addresses with the following postal codes: T0K1W0, T0K0P0, T0K1H0, T0K0E0, T0K0C0, T0K1C0 & T0K0M0 must have their heads into the pickup stations by Wednesday, January 7th.

If you cannot drop your head off by this date, you may bring it to the Pincher Creek Community Hall on Friday evening, January 9, from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Your head will not be scored if you bring it on Saturday morning as there is a large number of out of area heads to score before the program begins.

Heads from out of the area will be accepted no later than 11:00 a.m. on Trophy Day. 

If you have a mounted head or set of horns you do not want to drop off, but still want it scored, you may bring it to Rocky Mountain Taxidermy in Cowley on Thursday, January 8th from 7-9 pm.


 Coalhurst - Coyote Flats Taxidermy   

     Cowley - Rocky Mountain Taxidermy

Crowsnest - Dustin Neufeld 403.582.0526  

Fort Macleod - Ken Hedley (2309 – 2nd  Ave)

Pincher Creek - Fountain Tire Attention: Robert Horn 

 Display tables will be upstairs in the Hall.

To book a table, please call

Rene Desjardins 403.628.3754

Cost: Single Table $25

Double Table $40


2014 WVTC Big Game Archery Award Winners
Black Bear
1st  Frank Popson 20  4/16
2nd  Helen Popson 19  3/16
3rd  Pete Lehmann 19     
1st  Wendell Shaw 14  3/16
1st  Tye Barrett 65   
No Entries for Bighorn Sheep, Goat, Bison, Non-Typical Whitetail or Moose
Typical Whitetail Deer
1st  Savanna Koebisch 140 5/8
2nd  Leonard Verbaas 125 6/8
3rd  Devon Cervo 100 6/8
Typical Mule Deer
1st  Jake Funk 164 5/8
2nd  Leonard Verbaas 160 1/2
3rd  Matthew Beckman 140 3/4
Non-Typical Mule Deer
1st  Garnet Paton 188 3/8
2nd  Lindsey Paterson 188 1/8
1st  Jake Funk 222 5/8
2nd  Dennis Cervo 170 3/4

2014 WVTC Big Game Rifle Award Winners
Black Bear Youth
1st  Kent Keenan  17 10/16 1st  Devon Cervo 18  1/16
2nd  Dustin Neufeld 17  5/16 2nd  Alan Garbiar 17     
3rd  Peter Sekella 16 12/16
1st Kyle Green 13  5/16
Goat, Bison, Big Horn Sheep, Non-typical Elk - No Entries
No Trophy Day Challenge for Black Bear, Cougar, Goat, Bison, Big Horn Sheep, Non-typical Elk
Typical Whitetail Deer Youth
1st  Steven Brazzoni 161 6/8 1st  Peter Zmurchyk 139 4/8
2nd  Derek Shaw 147 1/8 2nd  Alan Garbiar 138   
3rd  Brent Austring 143 2/8 3rd  Chase Sheen 127 5/8
Trophy Day Challenge Winner
  Curtis Siegfried 178-4
Non-Typical Whitetail Deer No Youth Entries
1st  Tyler Villemaire 182 2/8
2nd  Art Hohn 96 4/8
Trophy Day Challenge Winner
Curtis Siegfried 201 5/8
Typical Mule Deer Youth
1st  Gary Villemaire 184    1st  Clay Leismeister 179 7/8
2nd  Ron Babin 176 7/8 2nd  Jonathan Erickson 171 6/8
3rd  Lanny Amos 173 6/8 3rd  Tom Welsch 147 6/8
Trophy Day Challenge Winner
Andy Schlachter 185 5/8
Non-Typical Mule Deer 
1st Allan Kuzyk 191   
Trophy Day Challenge Winner
Allan Kuzyk 191   
Elk Youth
1st  Fiore Olivieri 363 7/8 1st  Brock Wakaluk 206 6/8
2nd  Kevin Kenny 337 1/8 2nd  Jared Dyck 177 1/8
3rd  Tiffany Olivieri 248 6/8 3rd  Blaine Dejax 172 3/8
Trophy Day Challenge Winner
Fiore Olivieri 363 7/8
Moose Youth
1st  Trevor Garbiar 149    1st  Kara Popson 105 3/8
2nd  Brad Pisony 148 1/8 2nd  Levi Sekella 73 7/8
3rd  Wayne Lowry 133   
Trophy Day Challenge Winner
Trevor Garbiar 149   
1st  Tim Jensen 71 2/8 1st  Jared Dyck 66   
Trophy Day Challenge Winner
Tannis Piotrowski 90   


2014 WVTC Challenge Trophy Competition Award Winners
Ed & Babe Burton Trophy
Members - current year, all categories
Elk Fiore Olivier 363 7/8       111.28 %
Charter Member Trophy
Roll call members - current year
Non-typical Mule Deer Lindsey Paterson 188 1/8        102.8 %
Peter Hucik Memorial Trophy
Members under 18 years - current year
Typical Mule Deer Clay Leismeister 179 7/8      103.98 %
BJ Archery Trophy
Members - current archery taken
Black Bear Frank Popsen 20  4/16      106.58 %
Geraldine Price Memorial Trophy
Largest fish scored on % for all current entries
Pike Jake Funk 25 lb 10 oz            107 %
Savanna Koebisch Youth Huntress Award
Moose Kara Popson 105 3/8       68.88 %

The 2014 Willow Valley Trophy Club Fish Award Winners
Brown Trout  Youth
1st  Junior Olsen 4 lb 5 oz 1st Owen Olsen 6 lb 12 oz
2nd Logan Olsen 5 lb 14 oz
3rd  Hunter Olsen 3 lb 10 oz
Lake Trout Youth - No Entries
1st  Jake Funk 19 lb 6 oz
Cutthroat Trout Youth
Adult - No Entries 1st  Grady Dyck 1 lb 5 oz
2nd  Leighton Dyck 1 lb  
Rainbow (Lake) Trout Youth
1st  Rene Desjardins 1 lb 12 oz 1st Logan Desjardins 4 lb 9 oz
2nd  Bill Messum 1 lb 4 oz 2nd Levi Sekella 1 lb 2 oz
3rd  Logan Sekella 1 lb
Rainbow (River) Trout Youth - No Entries
1st  Adam Juhlin 1 lb 1 oz
Whitefish Youth
1st Jared Dyck 2 lb 12 oz 1st Grady Dyck 1 lb 12 oz
2nd  Jason Dyck 1 lb 7 oz
Pike Youth
1st Jake Funk 25 lb 10 oz 1st Logan Olsen 10 lb
2nd  Junior Olsen 22 lb 2nd  Levi Sekella 9 lb 1 oz
3rd  Rob Chamberlain 21 lb 8 oz 3rd  Owen Olsen 7 lb 14 oz
Walleye Youth
1st Steve Prokop 10 lb 14 oz 1st Lachlan Terpstra-Metzler 6 lb 6 oz
2nd  Alan Sparks 9 lb 12 oz 2nd  Hunter Olsen 2 lb 14 oz
3rd  Jake Funk 9 lb 5 oz 3rd  Owen Olsen 2 lb 13 oz


2014 WVTC Birds Award Winners
Turkey Youth - No Entries
1st  Dan Kuftinoff 8 1/4" beard
Canada Goose Youth
1st  Rod Taylor 6.395 kg 1st  Bryce Crawford 5.32 kg
2nd  Louis Patterson 6.275 kg 2nd  Grady H Dyck 4.78 kg
3rd  Russ Norris 5.951 kg 3rd  Jarod H Dyck 4.62 kg
Pheasant Youth
1st  James Cook 41.25" long 1st  Jared Dyck 38.5" long
2nd  Russ Norris 38" long 2nd  Grady Dyck 36" long
3rd  Don Mustard 37.5" long 3rd  Leighton Dyck 34.5" long
Sharptail Grouse Youth
1st  Rob Tayler 0.997 kg 1st  Leighton Dyck 0.886 kg
2nd  Tim Jensen 0.872 kg 2nd  Jared Dyck 0.88 kg
3rd  Cary R Hackler 0.804 kg
Blue Grouse Youth - No Entries
1st  Tim Juhlin 1.331 kg
Hungarian or Gray Partridge Youth
1st  Rod Taylor 0.454 kg 1st  Grady Dyck 0.438 kg
2nd  Tim Jensen 0.42 kg 2nd  Jared Dyck 0.416 kg
3rd  Cary R Hackler 0.418 kg 2nd  Leighton Dyck 0.416 kg
Ruffed Grouse & Spruce Youth
1st  Tim Juhlin 0.908 kg 1st  Jared Dyck 0.64 kg
2nd  Derek Shaw 0.726 kg 2nd  Leighton Dyck 0.636 kg
3rd  Jason H Dyck 0.642 kg 3rd  Brady Dyck 0.622 kg
Mallard Duck Youth
1st  Cary R Hackler 1.694 kg 1st  Jared Dyck 1.275 kg
2nd  Tim Jensen 1.494 kg 2nd  Bryce Crawford 1.18 kg
3rd  Rene Desjardins 1.406 kg

2014 WVTC Photography Award Winners
Wildlife Youth 
1st  Bruce Cooper 1st  Logan Amos
2nd  Anne Lapointe 2nd  Hunter Austring
3rd  Patrick Horvath 3rd  Hunter Olsen
Honourable Mentions Wade Aebli, Brittney Semenoff, Owen Olsen
Wendell Shaw, Andrew Prokop
Sportsman In The Field Youth
1st  Tim Juhlin 1st  Logan Olsen
2nd  Tyler Villemaire 2nd  Owen Olsen
3rd  Yvonne Messum 3rd  Logan Amos
Honourable Mentions Curtis Siegfried Hunter Olsen
Sarina Oliveri
Scenery Youth
1st  Andrea Gedcke 1st  Matthew Erickson
2nd  Jessy Pisony 2nd  Owen Olsen
3rd  Brittney Semenoff 3rd  Logan Olsen
Honourable Mentions Larry Amos Logan Amos
Tim Juhlin
Best Of The Natural World Youth
1st  Tim Juhlin 1st  Indie MacGarva
2nd  Leland Kirk 2nd  Hunter Austring
3rd  Patrick Horvath 3rd  Taylor Ewing
Honourable Mentions Jocelynn Olsen Josh MacGarva
Lanny Amos

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