In this competition, the Club will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes for:

  • goose, duck and upland game birds (by weight),
  • pheasant (by length),
  • turkey (by length of beard).

Youth may also enter this competition.

  • All entries must be recorded on the AFGA form or on a recognized club form.
  • Birds must be taken by legal chase in Alberta and during the current hunting season.
  • Entries must be in by January 1, 2019, to the Bird Chairman.
  • If you hunted turkey in the spring of 2018 and were a member in good standing prior to the season opening, you may enter this competition.
  • If you were successful and wish to bring your mounted bird or a photo for display on Awards Day, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Entries may be sent to the AFGA Awards at your request.
  • Categories in upland game birds are as follows: Blue Grouse, Sharptail Grouse, Hungarian Partridge, Ruffed and Spruce Grouse.
  • Youth hunters are required to buy a membership if they would like to compete in the big game and bird competitions.
  •  1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes to be awarded to youth.

Bird Chairman: Rene Desjardins 628-3754

Please submit your entry form, along with a printout of weight from a legal scale, to:

Box 99 Lundbreck, Alberta T0K 1H0 

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 The 2017 Willow Valley Trophy Club Bird Award Winners

Turkey                                                                                                Youth
No entries

1st  Russel Graham  9"

Canada Goose                                                                                 Youth
1st   Bill Thorpe      6.1kg

2nd  Russ Norris     5.86kg

3rd   Cary Hackler     5.45kg

1st   Cole Tkachuk     5.32kg

2nd  Jarrod Plante     5.18kg

3rd   Logan Amos     5.11kg

Pheasant                                                                                           Youth
1st   Cameron Cook     41"

2nd  Robert Rice     38 3/4"

3rd   Walter Eisenlohr     37 1/2"

3rd   Jason Dyck     37 1/2"

1st    Josh Macgarva      37 1/2"

Sharptail Grouse                                                                             Youth
1st    Rod Taylor     .938kg

2nd  Jared Dyck     .900kg

3rd    Tim Jensen     .882kg

1st   Jarret Plante     .874kg

Blue Grouse                                                                                     Youth
1st   Tim Juhlin     1.24kg

2nd  Jake Funk      1.02kg

3rd   Robert Plante      .934kg

1st   Jarret Plante     .874kg

Ruffled or Spruce Grouse                                                             Youth
1st  Jason Dyck     .554kg

2nd  Jared Dyck     .532kg

3rd   Leighton Dyck      .514kg

No entries

Hungarian or Gray Partridge                                                        Youth
1st   Tin Jensen     .472kg

2nd  Rod Taylor     .447kg

3rd   Cary Hackler     .444kg

No Entries

Duck                                                                                                   Youth
1st   Tim Jensen     1.54kg

2nd  Tim Juhlin     1.41kg

3rd   Taylor Rice     .999kg

1st  Cole Tkachuk     1.26kg

The 2016 Willow Valley Trophy Club Bird Award Winners

Turkey                                                                                                                                      Youth
1st  Scott Proudfoot  9 5/8"

2nd  Ron Mantle  8 7/8"

No Entries

Canada Goose                                                                                                                        Youth
1st  Louis Patterson  6.46kg

2nd  Rod Taylor  6.385kg

3rd  Gary Hackler  6.19kg

1st  Cole Tkachuk  5.954kg

2nd  Logan Amos  5.59kg

3rd  Lauren Kunz  5.497kg

Pheasant                                                                                                                                  Youth
1st  Cary Hackler  40 1/2"

2nd  James Cook  40 3/8"

3rd John MacGarva  39 5/8"

1st  Bradley Trochuk  38 1/2"

2nd  Jarret Plante  36 3/4"

3rd  Josh MacGarva  32"

Sharptail Grouse                                                                                                                   Youth
1st  Rod Taylor  .998kg

2nd  Cary Hackler  .984kg

3rd  Robert Plante  .974kg

1st  Jarret Palnte  .922kg

2nd  Grady Dyck  .884kg

Blue Grouse                                                                                                                             Youth
1st  Tim Juhlin  1.34kg

2nd  Rod Taylor  1.324kg

1st  Grady Dyck  .892kg

2nd  Cole Tkachuck  .890kg

Ruffled or Spruce Grouse                                                                                                    Youth
1st  Leighton Dyck  .60kg

1st Robert Plante  .60kg

3rd  Jared Dyck  .554kg

1st  Hunter Olsen  .605kg

2nd  Logan Olsen  .602kg

3rd  Jarret Plante  .574kg

Hungarian or Gray Partridge                                                                                              Youth
1st  Taylor Rice  .482kg

2nd  Robert Plante  .468kg

3rd  Rod Taylor  .467kg

1st  Jarret Plante  .444kg

2nd  Logan Deley  .436kg

Duck                                                                                                                                         Youth
1st  Rod Taylor  1.601kg

2nd  Cary Hackler  1.582kg

3rd  Tim Jensen  1.568kg

1st  Lauren Kunz  1.632kg

2nd  Jarret Plante  1.498kg

3rd  Cole Tkachuck  1,244kg

The 2015 Willow Valley Trophy Club Bird Award Winners

Turkey                                                                                                                        Youth

1st Tim Jensen         9"beard                                                                1st Jarred Dyck        4 1/4" beard

2nd Tim Juhlin          8 1/2" beard

Canada Goose                                                                                                      Youth

1st Louis Patterson    6.3 kg                                                                1st Logan Amos       6.24kg

2nd Cary Hackler        6.14 kg                                                              2nd Jarret Plante      5.32kg

3rd Rod Taylor            6.104 kg

Pheasant                                                                                                              Youth

1st Garry Hackler        40 5/8"                                                                    1st Jarret Plante      38"

2nd James Cook       40 1/8"

3rd John McGarva      38 3/8"

Sharptail Grouse                                                                                             Youth

1st Tim Jensen       .976 kg                                                                     1st Jarret Plante     .926kg

2nd Rod Taylor        .968 kg

3rd Robert Plante    .930 kg

Blue Grouse                                                                                                   Youth

1st Rod Taylor             1.32 kg                                                             1st Grandy Dyck       .852kg

2nd Tim Juhlin            1.21 kg

3rd Jarred Dyck           1.06 kg

Hungarian or Gray Partridge                                                                       Youth

1st Cary Hackler         .484 kg                                                         1st Jarret Plante       .45kg

2nd Rod Taylor            .672 kg                                              

3rd Jarred Dyck           .658 kg

Ruffed Grouse & Spruce                                                                                  Youth

 1st Tim Juhlin             .721 kg                                                      1st Jarret Plante    .666kg

2nd Rod Taylor           .672 kg                                                        2nd Grady Dyck     .606kg

3rd Jarred Dyck          .658 kg                                                       3rd Logan Olsen    .602kg

Mallard Duck                                                                                                    Youth

1st Rod Taylor             1.688 kg                                                     1st Jarret Plante        1.43kg

2nd Adam Juhlin        1.59 kg                                                         2nd Logan Amos     1.21kg

3rd Kara Popson        1.45 kg

The 2014 Willow Valley Trophy Club Bird Award Winners 

 Turkey                                                                                  Youth - No Entries

1st Dan Kuftinoff               8 1/4"beard

Canada Goose                                                                   Youth

1st Rod Taylor                   6.395kg                             1st Bryce Crawford   5.32kg

2nd Louis Patterson         6.275kg                             2nd Grady H Dyck    4.78kg

3rd Russ Norris                 5.951kg                             3rd Jarod H Dyck4.62kg

Pheasant                                                                             Youth

1st James Cook               41.25"long                        1st Jared Dyck    38.5"long

2nd Russ Norris              38"long                               2nd Grady Dyck   36"long

3rd Don Mustard            37.5"long                             3rd Leighton Dyck  34.5"long

Sharptail Grouse                                                                 Youth

1st Rob Tayler             0.997kg                                    1st Leighton Dyck   0.886kg

2nd Tim Jensen          0.872kg                                     2nd Jared Dyck    0.88kg

3rd Cary R Hackler    0.804kg

Blue Grouse                                                                         Youth - No Entries

1st Tim Juhlin          1.331kg

Hungarian or Gray Partridge                                            Youth

1st Rod Taylor            0.454kg                                        1st Grady Dyck   0.438kg

2nd Tim Jensen         0.42kg                                           2nd Jared Dyck   0.416kg

3rd Cary R Hackler    0.418kg                                        2nd Leighton Dyck   0.416kg

Ruffed Grouse & Spruce                                                Youth

1st Tim Juhlin              0.908kg                                     1st Jared Dyck    0.64kg

2nd Derek Shaw         0.726kg                                    2nd Leighton Dyck   0.636kg

3rd Jason H Dyck        0.642kg                                   3rd Brady Dyck     0.622kg

Mallard Duck                                                                        Youth

1st Cary R Hackler        1.694kg                                1st Jared Dyck        1.275kg

2nd Tim Jensen           1.494kg                                   2nd Bryce Crawford    1.18kg

3rd Rene Desjardins  1.406kg

The 2013 Willow Valley Trophy Club Bird Award Winners

Turkey Youth - No Entries
1st  Lindsey Paterson 9 1/2"  beard
2nd  Melisa Simpson 9 3/8"  beard
3rd  Len Verbaas 9"  beard
Canada Goose Youth
1st  Louis Patterson 6.31 kilos 1st  Cathy Eisenlohr 5.216 kilos
2nd  Russ Norris 6.214 kilos 2nd  Bryce Crawford 4.955 kilos
3rd  Cliff Wiebe 5.986 kilos
Pheasant Youth
1st  Garry Hackler 39 3/4 " long 1st  Cathy Eisenlohr 39" long
2nd  Cary Hackler 38 1/2" long 2nd  Leighton Dyck 36.5" long
2nd  Jason Dyck 38 1/2" long 3rd  Grady Dyck 35.75" long
3rd  Walter Eisenlohr 38"  long
Sharptail Grouse Youth
1st  Cary Hackler 0.876 kilos 1st  Grady Dyck 0.79 kilos
2nd  Jason Dyck 0.83 kilos 2nd  Jared Dyck 0.735 kilos
3rd  Leighton Dyck 0.535 kilos
Blue Grouse Youth - No Entries
1st  Tim Juhlin 1.391 kilos
2nd  Jason Dyck 0.765 kilos
Hungarian or Gray Partridge Youth
1st  Cary Hackler 0.438 kilos 1st  Grady Dyck 0.43 kilos
2nd  Jason Dyck 0.43 kilos 2nd  Jared Dyck 0.42 kilos
2nd  Leighton Dyck 0.42 kilos
Ruffed Grouse & Spruce Youth
1st  Jason Dyck 0.56 kilos 1st  Grady Dyck 0.615 kilos
2nd  Tim Juhlin 0.522 kilos 2nd  Jared Dyck 0.59 kilos
3rd  Leighton Dyck 0.535 kilos
Mallard Duck Youth
1st  Carey Hacker 1.572 kilos  1st  Will Thorpe 1.365 kilos
2nd  Cliff Wiebe 1.478 kilos  2nd  Grady Dyck 1.265 kilos
3rd  Jason Dyck 1.235 kilos  3rd  Leighton Dyck 1.095 kilos

 The 2012 Willow Valley Trophy Club Bird Award Winners


Mallard Duck                  kg Youth            kg
1st  Jayson Dyck 1.375 1st  Leighton Dyck 1.54
2nd  Jared Dyck 1.34
Ruff or Spuce Grouse Youth
1st  Jayson Dyck 0.505 1st  Jared Dyck 0.525
2nd  Leighton Dyck 0.495
Gray Partridge Youth
1st  Taylor Rice 0.454 1st  Grady Dyck 0.43
2nd  Jayson Dyck 0.43 2nd  Jared Dyck 0.425
3rd  Cary Hackler 0.39
Blue Grouse
1st  Tim Juhlin 1.384
Canada Goose Youth
1st  Louis Patterson 6.43 1st  Will Thorpe 5.3
2nd  Jordon Derozio 5.83 2nd  Jared Dyck 5.26
3rd  Cary Hackler 5.81
Sharptail Grouse Youth
1st Jordon Derozio 0.868 1st Jared Kunz 0.861
2nd Derek Shaw 0.765 2nd  Jared Dyck 0.737
3rd  Taylor Rice 0.737
Pheasant           Length Youth
1st  James Cook           40 7/8" 1st Jared Dyck 35 3/4"
2nd  Jordon Rice           38 1/2" 2nd  Leighton Dyck 35 1/8"
3rd  Russ Norris                   37 3/4"
Turkey - No entries



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